Renegade X (C&C Renegade remake) open beta is out!

Hey everyone!

From the good times with C&C, westwood made a innovative shooter!
Ofcourse now, years later there wasn’t a server online anymore!

But a team of enthusiasts remade the game with unreal engine 3!
I’m installing the open beta right now!

Hope you will enjoy! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I tried it and it’s even better than before!
It is not optimized yet so a strong PC is recommened though I could play on my laptop!


Man I miss C&C3! Does it play similar to the third installment?

Oh my. I’m gonna have to try that! I loved Renegade! Although I never really got a chance to play it multiplayer (Limited bandwidth, and all)

@Feashrind This is a shooter, based on the tiberian sun universe!
@Vince5754 yeah it’s great really! THe mutliplayer on the old renegade was near impossible for me as well!