Renaming templates works & setting up a templates for multiplayers page

Hey guys, I got bored so I decided to try this.

I renamed a template file and edited it and it works. Here’s how.

"header" : {
	"preview_image" : "\/r\/saved_objects\/stonehearth\/building_templates\/ub_double_warehouse.png",                                         {change the end in this line to match your ping file }
	"revision" : 1,
	"version" : "1.0.0",
	"custom_name" : "UB Double Warehouse",             {The name you give the building}
	"sunk" : false,
	"file_name" : "ub_double_warehouse"                     {Then new file name}

simple just make sure the file is named something unique.

why is this important or should anyone care? If the host has the template file and you do as well you can use the templates in multiplayer.

I am setting up a templates page for multiplayers. I have created 5 or 6 templates so far and am working on more. I WANT YOUR TEMPLATES! Let’s create some crazy new ones and I will post them on my site giving you full credit. I will do a page for each type of design. eg carpenters/inns/etc… I have no life :wink:

This will be a good idea for none builder/designers as well. it will give them templates to use in singleplayer.

Since this is a new idea I am suggesting a naming convention at the front. eg. I used ub_
this stands for Unka Bean. it will also stop people from having multiple copies of 2 bed cabin,etc.

What you guys think? I will post the site tomorrow after I get it set up. I plan to host a lot of multiplayer games in the next couple days and going forward so thought this may be a good idea. and since the files are like 10 bytes you can literally have as many as you want to no detriment.

link to templates page

new builder only

Unka Bean

sorry this is so long.

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email the .png and .json file with templates as well as exterior and interior shots to I will post them and we can either use a variety or I can set up a poll to vote on a common set for use until the team gets their sets in.


Unka Bean