Building Template names conflicting with Custom names

I have a Custom template named Tavern that had the image of that build displayed where you would normally see the Town Template for the pre-made Tavern. After deleting my Custom made template it displays this image not found icon.

After restarting my game it now correctly displays the Town Template for Tavern.


Hmm, you should probably be blocked from using a built-in name for a custom template. Thoughts @yshan?

I don’t think having double names should be a problem. The game should not identify a build by its name, names are for us the players, but for the computer it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) matter.

This is why it is a strange bug, those two build are not even in the same folder… I don’t understand why the game mixed the two.
I’m guessing it is a js (ui) error, when it selects the build to delete, it searches who is the (html) element based on the name?

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the original custom building was from before these new templates were added. I should have tested to see if it was just an image error or if it would actually build the custom building rather than the town template.

I think it would because if you notice the requirements for the building are lower for my custom building

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Yang fixed this on stream this evening (Thursday, 9/15/16). Expect this to be fixed in the next build.

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