Remove farmer level requirement for cook


Would you have to necessarily get rid of the Cook’s ability to farm?

Tbh I just want the requirement gone, it’s a bit silly.


My only issue with the requirement is that farmers only gain experience from harvesting, not from planting, so there’s a large minimum amount of time before they’ll level up.


I agree with Paul. Farmers level up painfully slow. As for the progression, in my opinion it makes sense. The farmer produces a food score in hundreds, cook upgrades to thousands and there’s no harm in helping the farmer when there’s nothing to prepare in the kitchen.


I was kind of digging the “Butcher” idea as an alternate upgrade to “Trapper”…someone whose job is perhaps exclusively cooking and/or smoking meats while occasionally going out to reset traps. Maybe instead of just using the large cuts of meat like the Cook does the Butcher could instead turn them into “cuts” of meat and effectively make more meat.

I feel like, though, the issue with classes becomes what I kind of remember being said of the exclusion of the Magma Smith. When you start brainstorming what one class can do there are times where it’s tough to see where it couldn’t just be appended to an already existing class. But I appreciate the idea of an alternate path to success granted with additional classes. As was mentioned if you can’t farm on a mountain top and don’t feel like building a lengthy staircase or series of ladders just to get a Farmer to become a Cook wouldn’t the alternate of having a Trapper become a Butcher feel just as rewarding? Maybe more-so because if you have also leveled a Trapper into a Shepherd you are just rolling in meats! Sucks if any of your hearthlings are herbivores, though…

Additionally this makes me wonder if a means of making the Herbalist more useful would be giving them, maybe at level 2, the ability to tend the Herbalist crops and take that away from the Farmer list. I mean, I know that now, as opposed to when this thread started, we have the Geomancer and the Herbalist is needed to make certain bits for Golems, but otherwise they are pretty much completely superseded by the Cleric with regards to healing your hearthlings should the unthinkable happen.