Regarding alpha vs stable alpha releases

I’m a little rusty on remembering the details, but IIRC with Steam, you can have multiple “beta” depots that different peeps can opt in to, as well as a stable depot that you set as live/current. Folks willing to get into the not-so-stable depot can enter the beta depot password to opt in… however I can’t remember if you can require the steam account to already own the game before being able to join the beta depot. We used this approach for our reviewers, QA, etc. when developing a AAA title.

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sounds like a good workable solution, for when steam is active… I get the impression that will be later on in the development cycle though…

Oh yes? I’m intrigued…

Sounds like a good thing to me.

I’m pretty certain that Project Zomboid does a similar thing - you get it through Steam, you can choose to update to the latest and (maybe not so) greatest version of the game as it’s pushed out, or stick with the stable (ish) version you have now.

I might be pulling that one out of thin air now that I come to think of it … but if it isn’t done like that, it should be!

Edit: A quick look at the ‘properties’ option does indeed give you such options:

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Yeah - that’s what we used. Just gotta verify you only get the option if you own the game… which I’m pretty sure that’s how it worked. Jason @ Valve can fill them in on options pretty quick. They can even have multiple depots / betas for different tiers of investors too.


Not sure if you’ve heard of a little franchise called “My Horse and Me”. It’s a pretty big deal and well, my sources tell me that this is the title in question.

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nice sleuthing…

once again, you’ve proven you are in the wrong line of work my friend… :wink:


Better known as My Little Pony online. haha

Seriously tho, you get bonus points for the guess since the game did include a badass horse.


My quick internet stalking earlier did uncover the game you worked on - it was actually one of the few games I didn’t manage to pick up myself, but the horse was(is) most definitely badass.

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