Reembarkation 'job_info' error

When I go to start a new game with a reembarkation, I get an error when initializing ‘job_info’ in game_creation_service.lua

I can try to post more data later but my stonehearth.log is a mess: (40.8 KB)

I’m wondering, could this be from trying to load a crafting job with recipes unlocked for a mod that I don’t currently have running but did with the original save?

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For the error in game_creation_service, can you upload the reembarkation files? They are under saved_objects/stonehearth/reembarkation.

For the crash you attached, you’re running out of address space. Use the 64-bit version.

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Thanks. That’s fixed in the next release (not the one going out right now, but the one after).

Sweet! From curiosity, what was the issue?

Exactly what you mentioned in the OP. There were recipes unlocked for the gardener class from setllementdecor which would fail to load if that mod isn’t enabled. I’ve changed it to skip missing classes/recipes/items.

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Ahh neat!Hope I helped :slight_smile: Im glad the random crash-to-desktop is fixed in this latest release.