Recreating (one of) the kickstarter screenshots

Hmmm,… :thinking: … is this gameplay or fan media…?

Hold my poyo pie…

So I decided to recreate this screenshot in Alpha 19, (the version I currently play in). Here are some screenshots.

First, some wood clearing

This is the place fully cleared out.
That is a lot of wood.

A lot of wood.
This is the reference point. The position of every voxel will be determined relative to this building. This is where the bridge needs to come.
First building in, of course keeping a certain tradition alive.

Here are a few things I learned from this exercise so far:

  • It is impossible to create the horizontal beams in the walls, which meant that I needed freestanding walls, slabcraft and needed to abandon a normal roof for a slabmade one.
  • These buildings thus have a lot of slabs. I notice that whenever I put may slabs in a blueprint (not a template), The building becomes whitish when I hover over it with my mouse, which is really annoying, as I cannot see where the voxels are and what colour they have.
  • I also had a bug of sorts with the placements of freestanding walls. I would have just mad one of those walls. click to start a new one, another click for the end point, and it doesn’t make a wall, and has weird outlines. A third click exits the building editor altogether. If after the second click, I instead do ctrl+Z, then it removes the previous wall.
  • Sometimes hearthlings build ladders and then build blocks inside of them, it is weird.
  • It is also impossible to put a door next to wall pillars, as happens sometimes in the screenshots. (No not even with slabcraft, as doors cannot be placed as furniture.) (sort of solved by @Fornjotr )
  • Whoever made this screenshot cheated a little bit with the sizes of models. The canal is, to scale with buildings behind it, probably 20 voxels apart), but the brigde over it is totally not that long.
  • Also the roofs of some buildings seem to have different dimensions than the walls they are standing on.
For instance

Counting on the L-shaped building in the picture, the roofs seems to be 7x4+1+1=30 voxels long by 2x6+1=13 voxels across, while the walls seem to be both 2 voxels shorter in both directions AND 1+3+1+6+1+5+1+3+1=26=/=30-2 by 2x4+2+1=11=13-2 voxels across. (Also, why doesn’t this appear inside the detail hiding bar?)


if you craft a door to have in your stockpile and then use the placementool while making a building, you can achive the placement in a slabwall, where you have made the hole for the door.


Yah, I think that will work.
I however decided that I am goint to let extra room in the walls to place the door. This is because the walls need to be longer to fit the dimensions of the roof, so I can fix one problem with another. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Also, second house in:

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There is a lot of things there with a strange scale, meaning it was not made in game, but in a 3d software. The first wrong thing I saw was the lamps in the bridge. They are bigger than a hearthling. There is also some assets not in the game, like the red banners in the castle wall.

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