Recovered footmen wil lreturn to attack same enemy, even after attack order is cleared

Fighting the goblin chief, I had two footmen fall unconscious and was forced to abandon the fight. the footmen were brought back to my Herbalist’s beds and restored, but as soon as their recovery ended, they went back to challenge the goblin chieftain even though I had canceled orders for their group.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get footmen into combat.
  2. Get them knocked out without killing the enemy.
  3. While they are recovering in Herbalist’s care, cancel orders for their group.
  4. When they finish recovering, they will charge back after the opponent (if it is still alive.) with half life.

Expected Results:
Footmen will acknowledge that their attack order has been canceled, and will patrol as normal.

Actual Results:
Footmen remembered their fight and ran into a suicidal attack.

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-701 (x64)[M] - Mods:
BetterHearthians (Personal mod, improves starting stat rolls.)
Traveler’s Store

System Information:
Windows 10 x64, 15 processor, 64 GB memory.

hey there @Josh_Patton,

i’ll test this out later when i get the time, but in the meantime do you have a screenshot of how far away the goblin chief was from your town? depending on the distance, it might have just been their normal “attack radar” getting them to chase after him. :thinking:

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You can see my workers filling in the camp towards the bottom right, the Goblin Chief was in his camp. The 2nd floor of the stone gatehouse in the top left is where the Herbalist’s beds are - pathfinder is tightly controlled, that gatehouse is the only legal route out of town.