The armed goblin probably shouldn't ignore a footman nipping at his heels

I got a couple of goblin attacks that consisted of a single armed goblin and a single cowardly thief goblin. The armed goblin just kept moving toward the stockpile even as my footman was following behind him and doing damage. Probably a bit dumb even by goblin standards.

I seem to remember either posting or reading about this before, but I couldn’t find it anymore (only reports about the footmen ignoring the goblins, not the other way around). If I missed it somewhere, I apologize.

It’s definitely somewhere… >_>

Not sure about the category, either.
Ah, perhaps it was a report or suggestion about the goblins not receiving damage when being pursued by footmen, since they didn’t stop walking and they were fast…


I agree, I’m almost positive it’s on here somewhere, but I couldn’t think of any more relevant keywords to try with the search function. Ah well.

At least, the goblins are definitely taking some damage while going, now.

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yep, thats the one that came to mind when i saw this, heres the first one i could find,

Might be what I was thinking of, who knows. I did find that one when looking, just didn’t make the connection as it’s actually a different issue. At least that means no merger is necessary, I suppose.

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yea, that was the first one i could think of with running goblins not taking damage…