Recipe Key when unlocking a recipe

I’m trying to test a new mod I’m working on, and I need to manually unlock some recipes. To test, I’m having the brightbell window box be unlocked when the carpenters workbench is being place.

I’m looking in the code for the Roadside Shrine (Church of Plenty) as reference, and I see the recipe_key is “signage_decoration:roadside_shrine”, to which I assume “decoration” signifies the entity type.

I’m having issues figuring out what the second part of the “recipe_key” is, and where it’s determined what it is for the brightbell box. I don’t see anything that says “recipe_key: Brightbell_Box” for example.

My guess is that it’s just the brightbell box that has issues, because it has a fine version? Also possibly because in the recipe itself, produces “window_box:brightbell”, and I don’t know how to specify which window box.

Error which occurs with format "signage_decoration:window_box_brightbell"

lua.code | @stonehearth/services/server/job/job_info_controller.lua:183: Attempting to manually unlock recipe signage_decoration:window_box_brightbell when job stonehearth:jobs:carpenter does not have such a recipe!

Anybody got a clue?

Is the alias of the recipe. Check in the mason recipe list, you will see that there are a few categories and each have a few items. signage_decoration is the category and roadside_shrine is the alias of the item in there (the json key)

So for the brightbell, from what I see in the carpenter recipe list, you need this string:

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Ah, building parts. See, I was thinking Decoration, because the model is stored there in entities.