Help unlocking a recipe

Hi guys,

I am trying to unlock “moss rug” from Firnn town quest option (NA).
I was able to unlock all Firnn related recipes, except “moss rug”.
I am typing this command but it is not working:

unlock decorations:rug_moss stonehearth:jobs:weaver

Any ideas?

The same is hapenning with “Wolf pelt rug” from Siv`s town quest option. The following command is not working:

unlock decorations:rug_pelt_wolf stonehearth:jobs:weaver


Edit: nevermind, i took a look inside previous reembarkation save files, and discovered that in the specific case of these two recipes, you have to add " _recipe " to the end. So the correct command is:

unlock decorations:rug_moss_recipe stonehearth:jobs:weaver

unlock decorations:rug_pelt_wolf_recipe stonehearth:jobs:weaver

Hey There,

Looks like your pretty much all alone here. I haven’t been seeing much in discussion here in the forums for some time now. I hope you are still modding (I am!)

It seems like StoneHearth has seen it’s hay day…

Just wanted to say hi and all the best, it’s nice to know I’m not on here reading alone!

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It isn’t that no one is on the forums, he just solved his own problem in less than 1 hour

maybe the names are different that you unlock things with? To be honest i have no idea whats going on :smiley:

They are indeed, perhaps too different … " rug_moss " is what one can deduce looking at entities files inside Stonehearth folder .

rug_moss_recipe , the correct name to be used , was written nowhere.

I was very lucky to have an old reembarkation file.

The “jobs” folder contains (within each crafter’s directory) recipe lists that index recipes by their in-game names.

Ahhh … found it. Thanks.