Real Sandbox Mode (No gameplay, just test building)

So the whole ‘unfinished building’ bug is a big pain… I’d like some sort of sandbox mode where we can test buildings to see if they might have conflict in completion so we can edit and change it without having to complete it half way in a real game only to find something is conflicting so the hearthlings refuse to finish…wasting all your game time and having to start from scratch.

The ideal sandbox would be…
-10 hearthlings just for building
-unlimited resource pool
-a large flat space for building

basically we’d be able to create templates in this sandbox, and test to be sure hearthlings would finish it. Hearthlings needs would be null as they are just building NPC’s in this sandbox.

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You can use the dev tools for this, just activate the tools in the mod menu.


where is the mod menu?

On the main menu go to the settings in the top right corner in the mod manager just tick the dev tools watch the desktop Tuesday about the mod manager for a rundown on dev tools