Rayya's Children Issue

So I just started a Rayya’s Children game on Normal mode in the Desert biome.
Problem is, I didn’t take the Wooden Sword as a starting item, figuring my townsfolk could defend themselves.
At least, long enough to get a carpenter and make my own, and they’ve been doing fine.
But now 3 Goblin Thieves spawned, and they’re raiding my town 24/7.
If I put the town into Defense Mode, my Hearthlings just stand by the central flag and don’t fight them.
If I turn off Defense Mode, they just run around cowering and don’t fight them.
The Goblins have now taken half of my town’s storage and I have no way of stopping them.

Move the main town flag close to the stockpile, as that’s what the hearthlings gather around.

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Also in the citizens menu (shortcut C). there is a tab at the bottom named groups. There you can assign militia, which will fight not only near the flag.


I am playing SH now for a little more than a year, but I’ve never realized that this groups tab exists. Thanks @BrunoSupremo :clap:

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