Raya desert version 3188 eraser issue

Started fresh world with raya people in the desert. When placing slaps on the edge of the map there is a limited way you can erase them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. fresh map start
  2. place some slabs on the edge
  3. remove the slabs while facing th emptyness of the world

Expected Results:
erase the slabs you are pointing at
Actual Results:
A big X when hovering the mouse pointer over it.
Could just be me not noticing it before but i have build massive on the edge before and did not have this issue then. I thing i read something about an eraser update in this release so maby it changed this to. Not a big deal or anything just wanted to mention it. As the pictures show you can erase it looking from above and looking towards the map. Just not when facing away from the map. I would think this would apply to all erasing when not looking at the map below the pointer but did not test that.


Version Number and Mods in use:
version 3188 debugtools and terrain color mod active.
System Information:

Edit, just noticed the pointer not showing up. Hope the text will tell enough.

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Found out that trying to erase a slab on top of an already finished building will not work either. So having a road build and after completing it. build something over it and in case of mistake you will have a hard time removing it.

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Can confirm, happens in my game as well, erasing on top of another structure is impossible. In the previous build this was not the case however.

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Confirmed. Both with the Ascendacy and the RC. If there is Anything behind a slab you want to erase, An existing building, a tree, anything! the eraser will turn into an X and not allow you to delete it.

Workaround until it is fixed: Turn the camera until there is nothing behind that slab. (Terrain or sky in my case).

Have fun, Kyth.

Thanks for the reports. Fixed for the next build!