Random In-Game Events

Wouldn’t there be more excitement if hurricanes or alien invasions threatened the player’s world? For some people, they could use the excitement because they think the game is too easy. From volcanoes erupting to asteroids striking a building, the player would build up his/her empire while fighting disasters like deadly diseases(zombie apocalypse?). Maybe the world could explode on day 1,000,000 unless the player reached a certain goal the game set for him/her or something around those lines.

Anyone agree?

If something like this was already going to be added, feel free to tell me.

Sorry about being a little vague on this one.

You’re basically describing scenarios or simple campaigns. Both are available already in the game, at least mechanic-wise, although there is little content for them. The returning trader is one example that comes to mind, some time ago placement of boulders, flowers and wildlife was done using scenarios too but I somewhat expect that has changed since then.


I read and heard about alot of campaign stuff thats not completed.A titan comes to attack you.
Many other things.At the moment it seems dull and boring its early alpha atm.I plan to make a huge mod myself.I got to wait for the mod engine to be finished or I’ll get angry fixing errors every alpha and beta release.Try candledark its very fun and great for taking the edge off.
(going to get the link and post it here for you on my edit.)