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How do I remove the walls of a building being edited? Sorry for all the questions

No problem, questions are the reason for the forum.

The only ways I have found is to select the undo button until you get back to the part before you put the wall up. If that does not work then I would have to remove the building and start over. The erase tool will not erase a wall section nor does it erase blocks from the wall. This is why I do all my walls before placing doors and windows.
On a small building starting over is not a problem for me, if it is a large structure I start banging my head on the desk :dizzy_face:

@Doc_Brano or @Hieronymous might have a better answer, as they build large structures.

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Why are my villagers camping out with goblins… is this a bug? Screenshot by Lightshot

All my gaurds are dead and I only have 4 workers, what do I do >.<. My village will die

This happen when you have appeased the goblins by giving into their demands. The goblin faction becomes neutral, if your Hearthlings become idle they will rest by the closest fire pit.

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if this is hard mode, then they certainly will.

At this point your only option for survival is to wall off every possible entry point to your village. this means no gates as ogres and varnuas (what ever they are called) can destroy them. Deselect all task out side the perimeter. hunker down until your population builds back up. You will have to pick up and replace walls as needed to allow the newly spawn villagers to get inside. You may have to wait several days as newly spawned citizens may be picked off before they reach the safe area, or it may be that you can not lift a wall to let them in due to enemy camps or roamers. your net worth should be high enough for new citizens to spawn each day until you reach your previous population cap.

Another disadvantage will be any new Soldiers are going to be low level, so build back 3 or 4 (at least one cleric) before trying to engage enemy targets. Be selective and focus on the small goblin camps or wolf packs to get their experience back up. Do not engage Kobold or the Black cord crypts they will destroy your forces because at this point as you will also be risking being ambushed by new spawns.

To salvage this game you will have to take it very slow, as any misstep will be a complete wipe, especially if the enemy is occupying the area around your town banner.

This is why some people save scrub, which is making sure you save the game frequently, and reverting back to the previous save if a wipe occurs. Hard mode can be very unforgiving and is meant to challenge your strategies and tactics.

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Thanks for you advice. I repopulated my village with 1 knight and 2 footman. (Very very soon to be promoted into another knight and archer, unless you suggest anything else for my other 2 footman)

Edit: I also have over the preference of workers (which is 4-5). So this is also good :smiley:

Would you like to give me suggestions as to what I should promote my workers to? I have 3 farmers and a cook, a knight and 2 foot man, a carpenter, a weaver, a blacksmith, a herbalist (trying to get her to be a cleric soon). Do you want me to give you a screenshot of my workers or something?

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Sounds like you are recovering nicely. Promoting workers into craftsman really depends on what resources you have available and your specific goal for your town.

The only thing you are missing is a shepherd, mason, trapper and a potter. For the Ascendancy you will have to promote a worker to mason and level them up to level 4 to make a potter. For the shepherd you will need to promote a worker to trapper and get them to lv 2. This means that a trapper or mason would be a good next choice. The trapper will provide the pelts needed by the weaver to make bolts of leather for the blacksmiths armor and weapons. You can also wait for the traveling merchant to show up to buy them. That is random and you have to spend your gold on it. The Mason can convert the raw stone (if you have good access to stone) into items that you can sell to purchase things you need.
I would say the trapper if you want to save money and make your own leather or the mason if you want to access to the stone doors, windows and furniture.

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Im sorry I forgot to mention I had those guys already. Here is a screenshot of all my hearthlings: Screenshot by Lightshot There are 18 of em, and all of the others on the bottom are just 5-6 workers.

And here is a picture of my whole town just for fun :stuck_out_tongue: Screenshot by Lightshot

The following is just my opinion and is not intended to rile any vanilla Shepherd likers.

Well then the only one I see missing is the Shepherd, but with out any mods like: [MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.92 created by @Froggy (shameless plug on my part).
The Shepherd is only marginal in my opinion as the only thing that it provides that you can not get is the Poyo’s for the rosted Poyo and Poyo pot pie, eggs and mutton. the feathers can be bought and the farmers (silkweed) and trappers (jerky) can provide the rest.
I am not saying the Shepherd is useless or not a cute character, without mods its a nice to have class not a need to have class.

Other than that I would say continue to flesh out your military, 2 Knights, 2 Footman, 2 Archers and 3 Clerics tend to make a decent force.

I found this: Screenshot by Lightshot Im confused what I should do with it…

Also, should I keep my trapper or swap him for a shepard

Kill it, do it quickly…

This is a scenario spawn belonging to members of the black cord. The black cord is a group of necromancers that are responsible for the undead horde that attack your village. They are also the ones that the giant zombies refer to when they say stay away from the masters treasures. It Is uncertain what their true motive is against your settlement is. The only fact we know so far is that they plot your utter and total destruction. Warning! Attacking this structure will cause swift retaliation so make sure your send a group. There is also treasure to had, spoils of victory, over defeating this horrible minions of evil. But beware and ask yourself, is this all the Black Cord has to throw against you? What powers are moving in the darkness? Why has your little village attracted the attention of something so malevolent? Can you trust all your Hearthling?

I would keep your high level trapper, still need those pelts. I usually make a second trapper and promote them as soon as they hit 2nd level as level are cumulative so a lv 6 trapper that becomes an apprentice Shepherd would need the xp of a lv 7 to make it to 1st level.

I destroyed it. It took a whole night of fighting and I lost one footman. Though I hired a new one. Hopefully that’ll stop the skeleton and zombie invaders.

@DarkStorm, I’ve moved your posts to a new topic since they were derailing the Bug Report.

Alrighty, thanks. Sorry about moving off topic so much :3

What exactly is the goal in stonehearth? Just to have a good civilization and meat all your goals?

My hearthling was starving and there was tons of food left… why didjnt he go get some?? Now I lost a trapper!!

The goal of StoneHearth is to have fun, current StoneHearth is an open sandbox world where you as the player direct the Hearthling to construct a new settlement. The three difficulty modes allows you to adjust the game to your playstyle. Peaceful is for those that want to design and construct cities with out the hassle of enemy. The normal game present a campaign that provides challenges to your progress. Hard Mode test your tactics and strategy to survive.

So the goal is up to the player. Additional content will be released at the game develops that will add new foes, storylines and various other things.