Random amature voxel making post

oh man, i love this one!

I have no idea what I am doing wrong with the i18n text, the placed item has the correct name displayed, but the recipes are all messed upped. I have looked over them about 10 times and cannot see what I am missing or what I misspelled.

i’ll check it out for you :slight_smile:

here are those two items placed in the world

the wheel barrel looked better than I expected.

version 3.2 is now on http://praisedb.x10.bz

alright, it appears to have just been a few } being misplaced in the en.json so everything was considered an entity,

    "entities": {

        "decoration": {
            "out_house": {
                "out_house_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Out House",
                    "description": "Even a Khan needs their privicy"
            "wine_rack": {
                "wine_rack_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Wine Rack",
                    "description": "for the good stuff"
            "bath_tub": {
                "bath_tub_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Fancy Bath",
                    "description": "where do I get the soap?"
            "fish_scale": {
                "fish_scale_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Fish Scale",
                    "description": "a Scale for Scales"
            "towel_rack": {
                "towel_rack_ghost": {
                    "display_name": "Towel Rack",
                    "description": "A place to store your towels"

        "jobs": {

            "mason": {

                "recipes": {
                    "bath_tub_recipe": {
                        "description": "where do I get the soap?",
                        "recipe_name": "Fancy Bath Tub",
                        "flavor": "Time to get clean"

            "carpenter": {

                "recipes": {
                    "out_house_recipe": {
                        "description": "Even a Khan needs their privicy",
                        "recipe_name": "Out House",
                        "flavor": "another use for corn cobbs"
                    "wine_rack_recipe": {
                        "description": "for the good stuff",
                        "recipe_name": "Wine Rack",
                        "flavor": "7 year old brandy or a nice burgandy"
                    "fish_scale_recipe": {
                        "description": "a Scale for Scales",
                        "recipe_name": "Fish Scale",
                        "flavor": "something smells fishy about this"
                    "towel_rack_recipe": {
                        "description": "A place to store your towels",
                        "recipe_name": "Towel Rack",
                        "flavor": "His and Her"


if you replace your current en.json with this one it should work, but i’m super tired so who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much for your help. I understand being tired, I think that is were many of my mistake are coming from. Also one of your post helped me with my .png files. finally figured out how to make them with transparent backgrounds, so I will be fixing all of them.

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no problemo mate :smile:

huh… i don’t remember posting about .png’s… but i’m glad it helped you :stuck_out_tongue:


this was from the Teach me how to SMOD thread


how are you making the voxels?

I am using MagicaVoxel-0.97.2, it was a free download but I think they have a paypal donation account or a more improved version for sale.

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ok the 3.3 version is now on Praise http://praisedb.x10.bz. Thanks to @8BitCrab I corrected the i18n stuff.
“I am seeing } } } } and expecting } but got EOF in my dreams.” :dizzy_face:
and the .png now have transparent background so they look better in the place item menu.


Hey, that reminds me the weaver used to have one of those :smiley:

Anyone knows if we’ll ever see it in game? (even if it’s just for decoration)
@sdee ?


while making something for @Raius I decided to make a marker for tree plantations.

orchard_marker.qb (17.3 KB)


in game pic.

even Ollen is impressed. :smiley:
uploading to Praisedb.


We need to implement the dye system. T___T


here is an archery target, it has handles on the side for easy replacement.

archery_target.qb (13.2 KB)


this is how it looks in game.

Yes Ollen, you most certainly do.


ok I have been working with @BitCrab to better understand making palettes that better match StoneHearth.

I am trying to get the out house more in line first.
the one on the left is the current “bright” one, I did a repaint for a more toned down version.


perhaps a door handel on 'em?


yeah I forgot that.

I also tried to do a fountain.

:cry: I forgot to save my fountain