[r375] Can't use templates of mixed building+slab details

Hey so my worst fear has come true. I have been working on a jousting arena and just made the stands, but it has taken a turn for the worst. I made the stands and saved the template and when I went to place another one it wouldn’t show up unless on a tree, other building, or cliff. here are the steps

here I am selecting the build.

got nothing when trying to place

trying on a cliff. oh there it is

total destruction

So I noticed this really only happens when I build walls like im making a house and then adding slab detail to it. they build it fine, but the template is all screwy. I looked to see if there was another thread like this, but couldn’t find it. any thoughts people?


Does it work if you build a building foundation? i.e. ‘Floor tool?’

ok so these two pictures are the building. I used the build a floor the raised the walls tools. then the whole second half is slab work.

so it works as a “build now” thing, but not as a “stamp another one out for later thing”. I also made a pub that was a two story house, but the top part extended a bit and I did some slab work there too. The building was built fine, but 1: it had to be built in two separate parts (so the building first then the slab work) and 2: the template once again went wonky.

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