[R335 (x64)] Promoted to Soldier, still carrying things in her downtime

Promoted a Worker to Soldier. She will still go out and fight. But she will bring loot back too! Not saying I’m angry but feel like it should be mentioned.

I know it looks like she’s carrying food because she’s hungry but she was also carting wood around.

well the in the pic she is carrying a pumpkin mash,

however it has been reported before that footmen will sometimes go and grab wood, stone and other resources, but then go back to patrolling.

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This one was mining.

that one appears to be the bug where footmen dont de-quip shields after de-promoting back to worker or other professions, its wierd though because it still calls him a footmen…

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Reloaded the game, he still has the shield but now he’s a worker.

ok so that ones definitely this bug,

@Albert said its fixed now though :smile:


@LordOfTheApes Demoting should work properly on the new release. Because your footman was demoted on a game with the bug and saved the result, he will still have his shield. You’ll just have to live with an armored worker this game!


This bit appears to be working now :smile: thanks!