[r2380] Excessive scaffolding with concave slab buildings

I’ll keep this brief as it’s somewhere between a bug and a suggestion…

Summary: Building concave shapes with the slab tool fills in the enclosed area with scaffolding. This includes 90 degree wall segments.

How to reproduce:

My example - dig out a pit, build a slab wall along two adjacent edges (i.e. a corner)

Expected: Scaffolding will line the two surfaces


Here, the mess of scaffolding on the bottom left was placed to build the pool corner visible. The scaffolding in the top right is being taken down - it was placed for the corner next to the steps.

While this doesn’t hinder gameplay much, it wastes a bit of time to place and remove, and temporarily binds up free wood.

Version: 2380 x64


Swimming pools aren’t a confirmed feature for the game yet. Quit trying to make them!

Bug solved.

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Well, we aren’t supposed to be building underwater :sweat_smile:

But this might help with the double/triple scaffolding bug that’s been reported…


What should we be doing? Pretending that the water doesn’t exist to avoid bugs? :yum:


I think it applies to all buildings!

Would anybody be able to test this out on a C-shaped wall segment?

i.e. dig out a square and build walls with the slab tool along three edges?
How would that compare to making a free-standing version of the same building (where the outside wall is accessible)


Actually, from what I learned about scaffolds in the last version, it would matter, as they’d build them on the outside of the building and not inside, creating this cross section bug.