Custom building with slabs and scaffolding issues

I built a staircase in the side of a rock face. I then decided that it should be nicer so i used slabs as a walking surface and aesthetic treatment. It was all ground level so there should not have been scaffolding, but they decided to build some anyway.

The issue is now that it is complete. Part of the scaffolding still remains even though the project was finished… and they won’t/can’t get rid of it.

I assumed it was because they couldn’t reach the block where they need to start demolishing so I started to erase the slabs. This provided another issue.

When erasing prebuilt structures, they don’t disappear until you save and reload the file.

ps I would give pictures but I’m new so it won’t let me :confused:

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Future issue:
After erasing the slabs and reloading the game, you cannot build in that square anymore.

Upload the pictures to imgur and link to them, I’m sure one of the mods would be happy to embed them in your post.

I build stairs up but then I use the road tool to make them nicer. They use ladders, so I make sure to do a few unconnected stairs at a time so there’s no overlap and confusion.