Erasing portion of completed building causes scaffolding system to be rebuilt for entire structure

I encountered this bug while using the custom building tool.

After constructing a building if I try to edit the building again with the “eraser” tool hearthlings begin to construct scaffold all around the building as if building it from scratch. Hearthlings will refuse to remove the scaffolding after construction and proceed to stand idle around my town.
Latest Dev Build 16 Sept 2015

DEV-2564 (x64)

Title: Bug still active in release 472.

Summary: Using eraser tool on already built custom building causes unnecessary scafolding to be built which is not removed after completion of “erase”.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build 1 story custom building, with floor, walls (auto built), roof, and door.
  2. Wait building be built
  3. Re-open custom build tool, erase section of floor.

Expected Results: Portion of floor selected will be removed.

Actual Results: Portion of floor selected is removed, and full scaffolding structure is constructed around building which is not removed.

Notes: Original bug submitted for Dev-2564, replicated error in release 472

Attachments: Save folder

Versions and Mods: Release 472, with debug tools enabled

System Information: Windows 10 Pro 64 | Intel Core i5-3360M | 16 GB system memory | Nvidia NVS 5400m