Building near water question

So I built a wall and part of it is near water with no space for them to build.
I wonder how can I fix this? can I drain water or do I need to build slabs around the wall making it not safe.

Did this myself a while back, only way I could get it to work was to build slabs around the thing and then remove them once the building was done. If you’re overly concerned about the end-result you might have to build 1x1 blocks and remove them 1 by 1

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can I remove slabs from the world after they build them?

You can order to deconstruct “supplementary” slabs after you start building the wall. However there are two things to know

  1. You should be extra careful as the game currently doesn’t do it stably. Make more saves.
  2. Make sure the wall and slabs are two separate buildings. Preferably build your wall from a pre-saved template.

Or you can use the console. Don’t know much about that - I removed items, not constructions.

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Just build an access ladder down to the lake bottom, they will build the scaffold as usual (underwater)

oh Thanks , didn’t know they can build in water. wasn’t sure about it