[r2083] Every time something dies I get this pop up

Hm, can you click on the blue link and send us a printout of the black page that comes up next?

Same thing just happen to me.

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would you like the save file as well? If so, how would you like it packaged?

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Funny when I have a character die, the whole game just freezes and i have to kill the process.

So… something is being removed from the world, and we try to get its location (in an update/event) an then it doesn’t exist anymore, so we get this error. Do you know what died? Was it a person, a goblin, etc?

Ok, I know what’s wrong. Thanks for the bug report!


For me it was the Trapper killed by Goblins.

when either a hearthling or a goblin dies. I think I also get the same error sometimes when hearthlings go from any class to a worker.

thanks for the feedback folks… nice work! :+1:

for future reference, feel free to simply upload the savegame to a free image hosting site…

once you locate your save games folder, follow the steps to compress it and then upload the file to said hosting site (as unfortunately, we cant upload the files directly to the Discourse):


This should be fixed in build 202.


It was fixed! Thanks!

No problem. Thanks for the help!