[A7] Units dying unexpectedly

I was playing along watching a movie not paying attention. AAAND everyone starved to death. Buuuuuuut they were all walking around aaaaand while I could not see any citizens in the citizen management screen I could select them and change their jobs that way and they would go promote and do stuff lol. It was bizarre, I still have the save file but I started a new one because I was wanting to play so I don’t know how long that will pan out. =P

Might try and recreate another time but I’mma go play some more.

Hmm how odd.

Not sure if I’ve seen this one before, if you could post the save file that might be helpful for some people.


tweaked the title a bit to help categorize the bug…

can you think of anything else that might have led up to this? were you working on a particularly large construction project?

how long had this game been going? were there other performance issues (stuttering, etc)?

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The only reason I’ve came to this thread was to read about spontaneous combustion. You’re a crusher of dreams, Steve. A crusher of dreams.

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Unexpectedly not dying might be more accurate lol.

Where can I find the saves in steam ?

if memory serves, its something like this:

C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/Stonehearth/saves

Is there a preferred method of save file uploadation?

you can just upload it somewhere simple like dropbox… :+1:

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Hope this is right, I just put the 4 files in the (what I think is the right) save file.

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well damn, it might be pointless. as I have loaded the save file and the citizen management list is populated again. If there is a way to load the errors (I closed the dialog) I had something like like 450 errors right before this save.