Qubicle Competition - Kickstarter Edition

Hello everyone! To celebrate a year since the launch of the Stonehearth Kickstarter, and the first year of our community, the Qubicle Competition is back with a special month long edition, and this time it’s simple.

For this month you can submit any model related to the Kickstarter stretch goals, which gives you a lot of creative freedom! Whether it’s a seasonal variation of a tree, your own imagining of the elemental faction, or the tools and traps you envisage the engineer will make, the choice is yours. Here’s a list of the stretch goals for reference:

Model submission will close on Friday 23rd May and winners will be announced on the 30th May.

There will be prizes of some description, titles, a t-shirt or two, maybe even a game, and the amount of submissions the competition gets will affect the amount and type of winners we have. I’ll provide more details later in the cycle.

Massive thank you to @Goldmetal for the awesome artwork :smiley:

The rules are simple:

  • You can submit up to 3 different entries.
  • Models must be achievable in Qubicle - no animations or post-processing effects (leave that to the discussion thread)

Also, make sure you ‘vote’ for the models you like by clicking the heart button on the respective post.

If you want to discuss anything in this thread, comment on models, or post works in progress then head over to the discussion thread :slight_smile:


Here is my entry for the contest

It is a Pirate and two Ships so it is the Pirates. Ninjas Politicians.


New Class: Geomancer

Manipulate rock and stone to bolster your city's builders, flattening or raising earth as the cause demands. Craft tireless golem workers so everyone else can take a much needed break.

She put green lights in their empty eyesockets–a fanciful touch, but she felt it gave them character. Now, she checked each rune for dust, noted every crack for the touchups she’d handle tomorrow. Powered them off, one by one. Slowly, lights dimmed to black. “Good job, guys! Finished the whole square in just two days!” She dusted her hands, patted each fondly on the head, and shut the warehouse door. In the dark, one pair of eyes swirled back to life.

This entry is my take on the Geomancer’s golem (don’t mind the geomancer model, that’s not mine, it’s one of Froggy 's replicas I used to illustrate my entry [again, thanks @Froggy]).

I used the terrain colors to make him look like he came out of the land. I couldn’t decide on how to make the front part of the body and how to leave the eyes, I did lots of variants, trying to fit the description above. I gave him a slightly fantasy touch, the key he has on his back (I don’t know if that has a name), because I don’t know what would be the promotion amulet for the geomancer so that could be an idea, a key to turn on the golems.

This is more of a suggestion for the devs.
Don’t know if I’ll have time for making more models, so this is it for now. Hope you like it :blush:


A week in and we have two entries. I know a few of you are working on some.

Submissions close in 16 days!

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Well here is my mods Dragon whelp :smiley:

I already am animating this one in blender btw, can’t wait till its finished (still have to code in its A.I.)


Finally I’ve made something in Qubicle :smiley:
Here comes my Politican and law book.


I’m not much of a guy for competitions and such, but what the heck.
Created something simple.

Tiered Swords
From left to right:
Shortsword, Longsword, Broadsword and Greatsword.


Some yetis for the Glacier Biome

First picture is baby and toddler.
Second is Teen and adult.


I wasn’t going to do another entry but I got an idea and just felt like I had to submit this :P:
Here comes the Mac Mini! (Mac& Linux Port)


reminder: submissions close today!! come on stragglers! :smiley:


Hi everyone! Firstly, a massive apology for not closing this, I’m really busy right now and will be until 12pm on the 5th June :slight_smile:

As such I’m going to extend the submission date to the 6th June, and then go from there! So, if you’re thinking about getting a model in, please do!


hmmmm exams … but modeling … but exams -_- … ah well modeling is relaxation eh …