Qubicle Competition Discussion - Kickstarter Edition


This thread is for the discussion of everything related to the Kickstarter themed Qubicle competition.

Whether you want to chat about potential models, seek feedback for works in progress, or just talk about the submissions, discuss it all here.

Also feel free to post other models you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had.

Qubicle Competition - Kickstarter Edition

ohohoh :smiley: I’m very excited to submit something epic. with this massive deadline i’ll be able to make something great!
Good Luck to everyone else participating!


Yer I spoke to @SteveAdamo and gauged some feedback given when the competition ran last time and I definitely feel that the week timeline was killing the competition a bit, this way people should hopefully now have enough time to submit something! I look forward to your entry :smiley:


Well i feel that I could very well make either an entire biome recreation (glacier) or a full on battle scene between 2 kingdoms. Either way i’m very tempted to make a 24 hour livestream dedicated to stonehearth and this friendly competition!


It’s true, when you see the themes, sometimes you can’t avoid thinking big. I hope we get lots of submissions this time with the monthly deadline :smile:
I should stop thinking about big projects and start thinking in little well-cared jewels. Too many projects, I just want to finish something to have more free time…


Ooh wow, maybe my own secret project could have a double purpose! :slight_smile:


Hmm… this would be a good time to refine my Qubicling skills… :slight_smile: Time to get going!


Just posted my entry, Just a little something I rustled up.


I know @SteveAdamo could pull it off but I never thought that you could.


Haha, I may have overlooked the slight time paradox there. Oops.


Hmm… I’ve chosen my theme and I’ve gotten started on what I’m making, and let’s just say I’m glad we have such a long time to work on it. The sheer scale of my project is… well, let me just say it involves me duplicating a single matrix several thousand times, and positioning them correctly.

Edit: Because I love giving people something to look forward to, here’s a screenshot of what I’ve done today. It is not any where near finished.


Not so sure on that one…

Hope you can do them at the same time

Toffs with headbands and samurai swords



We <3 the banner at the top of the competition. Thanks, @Goldmetal!


Gah! I forgot to put it in here as well.

runs off


You are welcome~
I’m glad to see you’re satisfied.


Oh my god, you have your own little emoji.


Screw Titles! I want an emoji!!!


(Add a title attribute and it could pass as an emoji)

My golem has undergone lots of changes, and some of the variants will be in the same image of that submission. (The rest I can post them here, like these front parts of the body :arrow_down: )
Didn’t want to make spoiler, I’m refining details. Well, he doesn’t even have those colors now ._.


I decided to go with the Festival stretch goal…Here’s a sneak peek at a section that even now still isn’t complete :3

The building is 50% complete and the scene objects are also incomplete :smile:


Can i post my dragon whelp from my mod or would that be cheesy? xD