Qubicle Competition Discussion Thread. Cycle 2, Week 4, The Final - ‘A New Titan’

hmm… could be a massive, stone beast… emerging from the depths, claws first… :smile:

I’m intrigued. Looks very impressive so far. I’m imagining some sort of Kil’jaedenesque type creature emerging from the pit.

Personally, I love the standing stones as they are.

With the right lighting that will look awesome and terrifying

I decided to import the fisherman by @voxel_pirate to give a sense of scale, it really is quite large. It’s also only viable as balanced because it won’t attack unless provoked, of course it’s about 20m wide and has some fang-y things that are 6m tall and is kinda like a necron-sarlacc hybrid so it should probably not be provoked unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. Now if only there weren’t actual non-titan versions of these that actually contained the treasure it would make your decisions so much easier. I also think the stone should be just a tad darker all around and I think I might go back to having the fang-esque ones being a different colour.


Um… isn’t it more like 54 hours left? We can submit on Sunday as well right? Not that I plan to or anything… :angel:

Probably, I’m just a bit of an idiot! Sorry about that!

I love the tree eating titan :stuck_out_tongue: Need one of those as a pet :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: I’m planning an animals/nature mod, and it will probably be in it

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@TobiasSabathius, your take on a spider matriarch was… disturbing… and in an entirely good way… :wink:

mmm… I have an annoying problem with qubicle…
Every time i copy and paste between two different files it comes out without depth (depth = 1, and height and width are as they should be)…
Anyone know how to solve that?

Try to load them in one qublicle program.
Open qubicle, then open open files. And change between them with recent files in top left. That works for me.

@Agon, excellent submission… love the backstory!

and honestly, who doesnt love a 20ft voxel rubber ducky?

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Tsss. You’re just trying to make me name it Steve. :wink:

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THANKS it works!!! :smiley:

Apologies to @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo, I was unexpectedly out all day yesterday and with nothing inspiring me, I had no idea what to do. So I forgot. :crying_cat_face:

you are forgiven, this time… but:


I’m not entirely sure how you found my modelling photoshoot, but I’d appreciate it if you kept the other “riskier” photo’s tucked away for now @SteveAdamo.

@Smokestacks I’ll forgive you this once, but I’ll make no promises to forgive you a second time.


Omg! Could it be… the secret first price?! :heart_eyes:
No wait! Don’t answer that! If it is then the amount of submission for the next competition could break the internet.


Congratulations @Agon! What’s the price for the 2nd place? Can I get a hug? :disappointed:

Competition is for sure getting harder and harder. Lots of nice entries and “new” talents.

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You can!

Or you can have a code for FTL or The Walking Dead game (the episodic ones, not Survival Instinct) or neither of these and we’ll attempt to arrange something else for you (it might be bad).