Quality of life improvement request

This is probably something that would be simple to implement, and would really be a massive benefit to anally retentive OCD people like me who have to have everything lined up perfectly.

Would it be possible to have a key which I can press and hold down, and as I now move my mouse, it restricts it so I can only move it along the grid in one of the 4 directions from the square I was on when I pressed it (or alternately highlights all the squares in the grid in all 4 directions from where I pressed it)? That way, if I want to make sure something lines up with something else, I can just move my mouse to the first one, hold down a key, and I can drag my mouse knowing that I am keeping it in a straight line and I wont end up a single square off and have to scream and reload my game that I forgot to save for the last 4 in-game days so I lose a ton of progress etc - you get the idea :smile:

Any possibility of that, Devs?


as one of your OCD brethren, I am absolutely onboard with a tool that helps me keep things perfectly aligned… I’m not entirely sure I understood your example, but I get the overall gist of your idea… :+1:

I guess I didn’t explain it properly. When you’re close up, you can see the individual voxel squares, right? And you can move the mouse around freely.

I want to be able to hold down a key with will constrain my mouse so I can only move it directly away from the square I was on when I pressed the key in one of the 4 cardinal directions, maintaining a straight line. This constraint will stop when I release the key. This means that if I want to build a new stockpile (say) which is aligned with an existing one, I just move the mouse to the corner of the existing one, hold down the key, and when I then move the mouse to where I will start a new stockpile, it will be level with the existing one.

Alternately, you could do it without restraint but on-screen indicators could pop up (like in photoshop) showing me how many squares away I am from the square I was in when I started holding down the button. So as I move away from the corner of the original stockpile, I’m looking for the readout to be zero on one of the two axis, so I know I’m aligned. This may even be better, because I can then check spacing as well as alignment.

Any clearer?


crystal … and I still concur… :smile:

For now, you can use the road tool as measuring tool, or line too. It’s what I do. when you want something perfectly aligned start at the square outside what your building to the square next to your next build. Then remove the phantom road.


You could also enable debug mode and press…F1 I believed? It shows chunks and I think it shows the individual voxels as well… I know that there is a visual in debug mode that could help!

depending what your placing down you can move it after its placed, if its a stockpile you could remove it and then place it again.

edit i also think this is a great idea, as im usually to lazy to check distance and stuff :wink: