PSA: Use the "Holes" tool in the New Builder to remove blocks

I’ve noticed a few people asking for an eraser that removes single blocks in the New Builder. I too was one of these people, however I learned that you can manipulatively use the Holes tool to erase blocks instead of the Erase tool or spamming Undo. It’s not a dedicated erase tool no, but it does work the same way, and I just wanted to share this with anyone who wasn’t aware how to exploit it yet.


btw, not only one by one but also as a drag tool :wink:

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its…actually a dedicated erase tool. lol.
dependins on where your mouse is painting on the cube in question you can hold to drag either horizontally or vertically.

Okay yes, but it’s not labeled as an erase tool is the thing. Anyone who’s new to the New Builder might not think to use it to erase voxel mistakes when there’s an actual Erase button at the top of the screen that only deletes the whole chunk.

The devs are aware of this feedback with the confusing erasertools, but i have no idea if they plan to change it, @sdee?


Maybe instead of calling it the hole tool, we call it the Cut or Cutter tool instead. People understand cut when talking about cut and paste. Plus it doesn’t imply that it has to be a hole and that you can remove any number of blocks.

Eraser might be better called the Remove tool since it removes an entire entity.


I approve of this message.

UX questions are on a bit of a hold atm, as our designer is recovering from a super bad string of illnesses. Nikki has lots and lots of opinions about the appearance and metaphors involved in the multiple “how do I get rid of this stuff” buttons, so it’s probably easier for us to wait till she gets back.

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