Promotion Happiness

With Alpha 20 adding a much more complex moral mechanics I have some ideas for moral buffs. Especially since I find it difficult to get merry/jubilant hearthlings.

A small buff for promoting and leveling up. I personally think it’d be nice if hearthlings got a small buff for being promoted, which will also allow them to level up a bit faster if they are happier for the short while after they are promoted. This buff should be stronger and lasts longer than the one for leveling up. I’m not really sure how long this would last in general, maybe a day or two?

I just thought it would be a nice detail is this were added in, it’s nothing big.

Thanks for reading and considering it!


A thought for leveling up is a good one. I’ll add it to the queue.


love the idea @Fencin_Penguin, and to add to it, i think it would be also fit well if there was a slight debuff to happiness if a hearthling gets demoted.


That’s a great idea! :merry:

@Fencin_Penguin Hey, just following up to say I just promoted this thought into the build. It’ll make it to live in Alpha 22 I think. :smiley:

  "gained_a_level": {
           "display_name": "Improved my skills",
           "tooltip": "I've been at this job long enough to gain some new insight! I can feel myself becoming better at my work.",
           "happiness_delta": 6,
           "duration": "12h",
           "stackable": false

:jubilant: Thanks for taking my suggestion into account! Really!

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