Moral boost when killing an enemy or winnig a fight?

Do you have the same problem as I do?
Soldiers that are sad because of hard fights.
Why not giving them a moral(happiness) boost after killing an enemy or winnig a fight (without losses?)?

What do you think?


Currently there is one trait that does this. I don’t remember what it’s called, but I believe it has a sword icon. If someone with that trait is part of your military, they get a moral boost for killing a monster. I think it would be reasonable for everyone to get a small moral boost boost for “being protected”

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i think the “curageous” trait gives a small boost after defending your town. I also discovered it doesnt have to be a soldier who gets the buff, it can also be your farmer who wasnt involved in the fight at all.
At current state i recommend selecting a “curageous” hearthling as a soldiers to compensate debuffs from scratches and wounds.

But, your absolutely right! There should be an additional buff for won fights. Because my soldiers always feel sad after fights :frowning: