Combat happiness triggers + more animation ideas

I’ve tested the new happiness system for some time, but it seems like warrior hearthlings get only negative feedback from combat. To balance this somewhat I suggest this: warrior hearthlings get a positive emotion after they win the battle. This will help somewhat alleviate negative thoughts from injuries. However, these mood buffs should:
a) Have shorter duration then debuffs from being hurt, so the player will still be motivated to heal his little guys
b) Should only be applied when a hearthling was involved in a battle and was in combat when it was finished

In this way microing hearthlings will save them from being hurt but will prevent them from getting the “victory” buff. This could be further detailed by being dependant on H traits and type of the enemy (wildlife-loving soldier can be depressed after killing a wolf even if it was neccessary, but defeating a very powerful enemy can give a stronger positive buff).

Also, currently animations sometimes look… strange. Are all animations supposed to be suitable for any topics? Some ideas for topic-dependent animations:

  • Fear animation(s) can be very useful when discussing monsters or being attacked
  • Wondering and impressed animation(s) can be useful when discussing landscape features and found artifacts
  • Victorious, boasting and/or “we can do it”-like animation(s) can be useful when discussing defeated enemies (guard) or recently crafted things (artisans)

PS. Btw do we have a “pacifist” trait?
Positive: gets little no negative emotions if threatened by enemy. Still gets negative emotions if actually hurt.
Negative: gets a mood hit if he was fighting in a battle.

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That’s why i always make sure my fighters have the “town defense” trait or whatever it’s called. usually it balances out the negative, pain mood, and sometimes overpowers it.