Production issues The New Race - The Making of Three Kingdoms Module

I have the intention to add characters relating to Three Kingdoms in ancient China to the game but unfortunately I know only a little about coding. so I’m seeking help here.

This is my idea:
There are three kingdoms:Wei, Shu ,Wu (魏国,蜀国,吴国)
Each kingdom has seven characters, the other is civilians.

How to achieve a career only one?
My idea is to change the career talisman tool, produced by craftsmen, only from the system, and only one. So how to make the talisman tool? My idea is to get these tools in the beginning of the game, in line with the conditions to transfer, like “saw” the same.



How to get tools in the beginning of the game
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I’m not sure if you can start with multiple talismans, but you can have one for sure.
The file at: rayyas_children/data/rayyas_children_population.json has this line:
“starting_talisman”: “stonehearth:potter:talisman”,

So they start with potter talisman instead of the carpenter’s saw talisman.

can’t multiple talismans, Do not know how to implement multiple tools。。。。

You could edit embark_shop.json in stonehearth\ui\data\

Adding your tools in there and settting a cost to 1 would allow you to buy as many as you wanted

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Could change the npc that gifts you food normally at the beginning to make it specifically gift you 1 of each tool.

Then override the recipe.json for every class and remove the ability to make other tools.

Also if we’re talking Dynasty warriors, three kingdoms style then you shouldn’t limit footmen.

A) you wouldn’t be able to “beat” hard mode with only 1 knight, 1 footman, 1 archer, 1 cleric, 1 herbalist and 1 engineer.
B) need all them mindless foot soldier peons.

Also you should buff the level up stats/buffs of the knight/archer/cleric to make them seem a lot more “general”-y.

Then you can achieve the beginning of the game has a career? Such as blacksmith

I’m not quite sure what you mean? Can you rephrase your question?

I know this problem, I was ready to add new combat class.

I mean, how do you have a blacksmith at the beginning of the game?

You can’t set “starting classes” to start off with.

You’re better off starting off with the tools(possibly via the method I mentioned before) and assigning them to the hearthling that fits each role the best(based on stats).