Problem with contacting support


I contacted the support team on June 5, 2018 and have received no reply so I am trying here for help. ( I contacted support via ) Here is my email:

While playing on the most recent alpha, I clicked on a trader notification. While I used the scroll wheel to scroll down the list of goods, the game screen froze, BUT the mouse can still move and click on in-game buttons. The music is also still playing and the sound effects of building are still playing. I have attached screenshots of the game. I am about an hour into a brand new settlement and did not save yet. I love the game, keep up the glorious work. I thank you in advance

If, somehow, I am contacting the wrong adress, contact me at


Try pressing F5 the next time this happens and see if that resolves the issue.


You might wanna remove that email. After all, this is a public forum that anyone can view.


This, most people in here are nice and won’t abuse it, add-bots scanning for mails though…


That’s using Alpha 23. We have since released Alpha 24+ to the main Steam branch. Let us know if you see the error happening on that version.