Premade Towns to play as

In many sandbox/openworld games there is a setting to play the game with already built homes and storages.

Maybe if Stonehearth could add this feature as well? I know Stonehearth is about starting a humble settlement but for new players and players that like to have a jumpstart at the game would appreciate very much.

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Oh, but that would be too easy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. There could be pre-spawned towns, but they would be a bit aways from your settlement, and you’d have to fight the people already living there for it!

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Once we can tear down buildings reliably town scenarios would be cool

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I’m sorry but, what’s the point?

This is also a survival building RPG game where one needs to fulfil their Hearthlings needs in order to progress in the game, starting with a built town would provide us with all needs being satisfied and thus even making the game further easier.

On second thought my question is:
Would this be more fun?

Just brainstorming with you guys …

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I forgot to mention that it wouldn’t be a huge town. Just some homes and a building for storage. You gotta leave some level of difficulty.

How about building the pre-made houses we already have at disposal?
Please tell us more.

Removed “insta”.


Perhaps insta building could be a little too much (You mean pick the template, place the building, and it’s done right?) There should atleast be three buildings and a 5x5 farm land that grows carrots. Just one carpenter and one farmer and the rest of the citizens are workers. Plus a 10x10 stock pile with some wood, an equal amount of stone, and 7 baskets of berries.

what if instead of a completely furnished and supplied town, it was an “abandoned” town, thus though all the building are in tact, the furnishings and everything else is removed. you then could start with the same starting gear you normally do, and perhaps a little bit of wood that was left at the town. just a thought.

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Maybe, the abandoned town could have some resources, but also, the buildings would be very unstable thanks to the test of time, and there would probably also be some undead ex-inhabitants defending what was once theirs!

Sorry, just thought that the abandoned town should have a bit more of a “risk-reward” aspect to it!

not to be rude, but i think your missing the point of having this “pre-made town”. its so that players who want a little kick-start can have a nice/easy way to start out, not to provide challenge. at least that’s my understanding of @IvorySteam’s original post.

(so essentially its to make the start of the game easier.)

Sorry, just the “crazy gameplay aspect” part of my brain getting ahead of itself! But that gave me an idea. Perhaps we could have a “Kickstart” (see what I did there?) gamemode seperate from the “normal” and “peaceful” gamemodes which starts you out with some supplies and an abandoned town? This way, people still wanting the challenge of starting a completely new town could stay away from things like that, while new players wanting to get a helping hand could use Kickstart mode. Of course, on normal mode, abandoned towns would still have undead ex-inhabiatants and such!

that was the original idea… :wink:

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Have no worries you are totally defining it correctly. Plus I do love the idea you made. An abandoned town would be pretty cool. Perhaps hidden jewels/treasures are just waiting to be discovered in the town? Who knows. And even a history of how the town became the ruins it is now.

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