Praise - Stonehearth Mod Manager

Where can I download your mod manager?

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Nowhere as of yet but hopefully soon, its…going through some testing but thanks for your interest and we should have a v1 soon.

It works fine for me but i’m not in a position to recieve feedback on it quite yet.


Finally i’m at a point where things are mostly stable, the client only works with steam (at the moment) and mostly tested with windows 7 32 & 64 bit.

The website is here Praise

Please be gentle, it only works with mods from the website at the moment but will recognize anything with the same file name though it wont detect the version, its very rough but should serve as something basic while i work on v2 of the client which is going well already.

Registrations are open if you want to upload your mod.

A very big thanks to those who’ve helped, you know who you are and I couldn’t have made it this far without your help.


Although i update the Praise website with additions/changes/fixes to the app i thought this was worthy of mention, i have just updated the app to support a custom Stonehearth location so the app is no longer restricted to steam installs only…

you could copy the app to different locations one to be to launch a custom install 1 ie your retail directory and a custom location 2 for testing your creations in.

Eventually there will be profile support allowing you to choose which profile and that location but there are bigger demands at the moment.

Hope this helps! - the website is in the above post. you don’t need to register to download the client only to upload your mod for others to download.


I dont feel safe visiting a website posted with .biz in it by someone other than the OP


Thanks for your comment, all future updates will come from the Praise account. was simply a shorter option provided by for their free website hosting, it is perfectly safe though I understand it looks dubious.


Little Push ^^ So that all members can see it again xD


Haven’t had much time lately and i’ve wanted to let the website settle a little as it was changing so frequently i felt like it was putting users off…

Things i want to push out with the next update in no particular order are:
Category Icons
Mod Version Editing
Mod Searching
European Fonts (Check/Fix)
Praise Forum (maybe - we already have here)
More Mod Categories
Links Page
Contact Page

and as a little feature for me, see who the last user registered.

I’d still love to hear feedback, especially on Categories as we only have 3 maybe 4…

I’d also like to add an area for resources in the future so we have an area for Mods and an area for Resources so people could upload new qb’s for example a new sword or something that someone could add in to a Mod…



So as part of my update efforts i thought i’d ask what ideas everyone has for the different types of categories we might expect for Stonehearth.

Current categories we’ve got are:
Decoration - a Mod that adds decoration.
Language - a Mod that changes the language of Stonehearth
Supplementary - a Mod that supports another mod.
Misc - Mods that are unique enough to not fall in to a category

I was thinking of adding:

Anyone else have any ideas?


Just fixed a few bugs on the website where images couldn’t be uploaded and comments had some problems, will add the new categories in a sec.


Sorry, i’ve had a few irl problems but i just added the new categories, editting code from a mobile phone is not fun…


im better not ask why you edit it from your smartphone^^


I realised i broke my word of not updating when i said i would :innocent:


lol ok i havent said anything :joy:


Well a little update, i’m still working on the Praise App V2, its still coming along well albeit slow (sorry), i’d like to get it out on Christmas Eve though i’d like to not add any further self-imposed pressure :smile:

Christmas etc have taken priority at the moment but i think the new version will definitely be worth waiting for…its not that exciting as its only a tool but if it helps in adding a fun mod over the holidays that brings some happiness then that’s something i’d love to share.



fixed some formatting issues with description text on the mods details page.

[edit] also fixed image sizes if under the default size being massively stretched.


No offense, but I would rather like to see steams mod infrastructure supported.
No .exe from an uncertfied source gets on my machine.
Sorry sir.

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i think this will not come before Q3 2016 ^^

and i tested, checked and use praise since the not published start and it works very well and i havent seen any issues in the code ^^

edit: also yshan has noticed it and mentioned in a stream :wink:


Additional categories
Classes / Jobs / crafts
Biometry / Biome
Architecture types
Race types
Cultural mods (Social behaviours, do they pray, spend lots of time together, those kind of things.)
AI pathing / AI work behaviour changes.
General fixes (Because devs can’t fix every bug, straight away.)
@Shizuyori @Praise


Thanks for the feedback Wul, these are sensible concerns that I should look to tackle.

Thanks Wiese and Battlewrath!

Work is being done to add some extra features to the editing pages but it’s taking longer than expected.