Potential quick band-aid to boost playability

It seems the major obstacle right now is that the AI gets a bit wonky after a while. What if you threw in an AI reset, temporarily, that clears whatever built-up command and priority queues exist, reevaluates every task to be performed and the workers available to perform them, and starts things back up? You could put it on an automatic timer, or expose a command widget to the player (possibly disabling it for some non-zero amount of time after it is activated, so players don’t just spam it pointlessly).

I realize at least some of the issue is deadlocks in AI behavior decisions, which would probably recur even after a reset. Even a small amount of time, however, during which the villagers are doing something useful, instead of simply becoming eternally pointless, would be a huge increase in playability. It would be nice to finish a house. insert smiley face which apparently I can’t insert because I’m new insert frowny face

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“re-evaluate every task to be performed” somehow sounds like a little bit more than a “quick band-aid” and could possibly be more effort than fixing the system for good.

Given the current number of performable tasks, it could well be straight-forward. The product of a task-type priority matrix and the outstanding task list serves as a one-time (per reset) command to the villagers. Everything else chains from that using the existing algorithms for determining what to do next. I’m not suggesting this is trivial, though it might be, but I suspect it could be a fairly quick win in terms of playability.

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and thanks for the suggestions… you certainly seem to know your way around A*… are you a developer as well?

Thanks for the welcome, Steve! Yes, a developer, but not of games. I try not to talk out my arse, so if I’m off-base here I’ll happily shut my yap insert winky winkertron face