Possible Skyscraper

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I was messing around with Stonehearth and wondered how cool it would be to have a modern looking city. I tried to design a skyscraper but failed. Could someone with great designing skills create a skyscraper and post it in this topic for all to see.

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EDIT: If you haven’t seen this in the comments below here is a photo of the Chrysler Building from NYC
Here is the link:

Made by T223

Hi there @ymmyus.
You might want to check out this thread:


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japanese guy on steam called T223 made this:

i kinda wanted to make the empire state building in full scale…but its a big project. and someone kinda beat me to it!

there is the link:

go give him some credit there instead of me :slight_smile:


woaw…ahahaha…woaw… crazy! :jubilant:

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This is pretty sick ! There’s quite a few structures nearly impossible to get done in proportions and scales.

Appartment blocks

But hey maybe with the new building stuff coming up we find ourselves in a better position for great works of art.
Currently my issue with sizeable buildings is keeping it symmetrical.

Albert said that there is a 256 block limit…but you can still build above that, So i just think that’s how faar pathfinding goes.

unless they changed that…and put a height build limit in…long time since i tried it out…
But if one story would be 7 blocks that’s 34 floors and empire state building is 102 :smiley:

So at least wont be hartling scale if it has to be usable and legit…and well i did corvin castle in a decent model i would say…but theres a few other grand projects i kinda wanna try over skyscrapers :stuck_out_tongue:

mainly castles since they are more in the hartling world :slight_smile:

eltz castle, Chateau de Chillon, Reichsburg Cochem, hanging gardens of babylon to name a few.

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With current water physics the hanging gardens are a dream


Would fake the water if i had to…the way i figured if i would do it is making it as intended as if it would have flowing water… then complete the building, paint the water as separate buildings.

that way if i did get access to water later on i could attempt to add real water…my main issue is the lack of green colors


So is a true dutch windmill used to pump lakes dry. I cannot get water flowing and if it’s not seen from inside the building it’s not true to the original architecture.