Possible Dr. Whohearth?

As you could probably tell from my user, I’m a huge Dr. Who fan. Unfortunately I lack even the basic skills to even utilize a mod, much less create one. It may be hard, but it seems like it’d be fun for a Tardis to randomly appear and begin a sequence of events, eventually leading to a Dalek invasion. The only thing I’m worried about is if it’d break the immersion, or if it’s even possible. Please inform me, and as always, “Keep Calm and Carry On”!


I guess it is possible, but it’ll require tinkering with the game’s files. You will also have to create new models using a program we use called Qubicle Constructor, and then exporting them into the game. You may also need to work with the game’s coding.

But don’t ask me for help. Ask @sdee, @RepeatPan, @voxel_pirate and @Froggy for help.

Here are some Topics to get you started.

Thanks a bunch! This’ll help a bundle and’ll definitely help in the future!

I think it would be a great mod. Add on top of it all that a Tardis would be amazingly easy to model at least. Dalek’s wouldn’t be hard either.

As a Doctor Who fan I personally think the two should stay as far apart as possible. Just my opinion.

You referred to Dr. Who as a video game. Really?

Also, why not make a mod like this?

And also as a Doctor Who fan (Or Whovian if you like), i find the idea of this mod to be a fun one. :slight_smile: At the very least, a voxel tardis is now a must on my to-voxel list.

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Sure it will be. Actually you should be able to utilize the “Scenario”-feature which is already included in the game, i.e. define your own scenario where a time machine (like a nest?) will be deployed somewhere in the world and starts spawning Daleks (like animals). Although, might not work right now.

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There are loads of ways in which having the Doctor could help a settlement as well. Just think…

-Sonic Screwdriver to help build / repair things (not wood though :stuck_out_tongue: ).

-The TARDIS as a safe house and/or transport.

-Unlimited storage space in the TARDIS.

-Safe storage space in the TARDIS (you know, for Things Man Was Not Meant To Know etc).

-Movement speed increase for nearby settlers ( :smiley: ).

-Deus ex machine vs invaders (probably involving much talking and running around :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Sorry, it was about 12:00 at night and I was tired. Also, you referred to it as “Dr. Who” :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a cool idea, but until we have an easier way to switch out mods, it seems like too much trouble for the benefit.

Yeah, I’ll probably hold off on the coding until at least Beta release, but until then modeling’ll be my main goal.

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I think its a great idea for a mod !! definately worth having

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