Possible class: The Scientist

So some time ago I found out that a new class, the herbalist, was introduced to the game. This class then can be turned into the cleric. What if, though, it could change into what I liek to call The scientist? Basically, The blacksmith would make a “scientist’s lab” which would be made of 2 thing: a form of metal and glass. To obtain glass, It would work something how the hunk o’ stones work. By mining dirt (or a sand, if it is to be implemented) there is a chance of finding a “pile of sand” which can be smelted by the blacksmith into glass. The lab would look like a stereotypical laboratory, with glass vials on a metal table, and the scientist would have a rustic form of a lab coat. The scientist would be able to study new ways of making things, at the cost of a test subject. For example, someone wants to make a weapon stronger than what they have, but they don’t want to waste resources on a completely new kind of weapon. They send a “copy” of the weapon to the scientist, that weapon is destroyed in the process, but now when the weapon is made is in an “upgraded” version of it, such as “wooden sword+” The scientist could also UNLOCK new things, causing chances of finding certain things in certain places, like he tests wheat, and after that there is a possibility of finding some kind of ingredient when harvesting it. These are just some ideas.


I like idea of upgrading weapons but I think that is work for some kind of magician (Enchanting weapons) or blacksmith (Sharpening weapon, weighting and balancing weapon, that kind of things)… maybe magmasmith will do such things? In concept art he wears gloves with runes, maybe he will be able to add runes to weapons?

As for unlocking new things, I think that another class with only concept art - engineer - could do such things. But, again I don’t have any idea if that is what devs are planning.

And by name ,Scientist" I immediately thought about planned class that i have seen at wiki - Physician. Also I think that herbalist will be promoted to alchemist, another planned class.

Here is a link to the topic, where poeple found new classes in game files and a link to wiki where are listed planned classes. (I just don’t know how real are these classes on wiki :wink: )




Scientist could be able to create better Pots than the Herbalist, So things such as Faster Build/Mine , Resistance to Weaponry, Temp Invincibility (Requires like 5 Gold ingots to Balance it out)

yeah exactly, thats the sort of thing I was thinking of

the engineer is sort of the concept I was shooting for, I just hadn’t seen this new class tree before, thanks!


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