Poll: If Team Radiant had a focus for Alpha 10, should it be?

  • Fix Bugs
  • Add Features

Well that only took 3 tries :slight_smile:

bah! the poll process on the Discourse can be so finicky! I wanted to have some witty text introducing the polls… guess it will have to reside here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

good morning folks!

at the request of @sdee and everyone else at Team Radiant’s Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Stonehearth, we’re going to be tossing up three polls for everyone to vote on… :smile: :+1:

as the title of this first thread asks, “If Team Radiant had a focus for A10, should it be?”:


It was kind of confusing :slight_smile:

Inside Thorbjørns head
"Oh look a poll"
“The poll is empty?”
“Ok now it’s up”
“Oh a new poll”
“Aaand its gone”

Confusion was total


I’m going to be awkward and say a bit of both really.

Nothing new that will take up all of the time, just small new additions that we can go ooooo to distract us from the earthlings refusing to build houses. :laughing:


Requests for Alpha 10, eh?

Does this mean they’re releasing Alpha 9 soon?


(Let the rumours spread! Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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still think alpha 9 come next week, for alpha 10 i think the best is try to make more base features before a focused bug hunt

Definitely voting for bug fixes. Making a town to have it rendered useless by bugs is super frurstrating right now :< It also makes it hard to try out new features when I have to keep making new towns.


All for bug fixes! New features are always fun and exciting but bugs need to be fixed more, At least I feel that way :wink:

I haven’t been encountering many bugs, at least not ones that make the game unplayable. Isn’t the point of an alpha to add features that work and then sort out the bugs in the beta?

In any case, most of the issues I’ve been having are related to things that are planned to be improved in the coming months… It seems quite pointless to fix them at this stage

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hmmmm i think bugs ^^ if you build more on an broken system you will later have lots of trouble to find it and fix it because lots of new features can be combined with them :wink: but @phector2004 has also right - for bugfixing they use normally the beta ^^ soooo the best would be both - but i have only 1 vote sooo its BUGS!!!


fistdaps Wiese2007 Bug hunters 4 lyfe represent! :wink:


If bug fixes includes pathfinder improvements and gets rid of the idle workers bug, then yes. Otherwise I would want to see more features by far. A ton of classes to add, one at a time is so painful… :frowning:

I want bug fixes but I want features, IT’S TOO MUCH CHOICE!!!


I’m in agreement with Wiese2007, best to clear out the bugs before trying to add more potential bugs to the code making it harder to find.


I voted for bug fixing. Yes, an Alpha’s purpose is to introduce new features, but only if the very basics of the foundation of the game are fluid and reliable–the issue with units eventually going “idle and AWOL” is a critical issue that will continue to bleed the game’s playability, no matter how many new features or content is added. Once the game’s engine is able to stand up better by itself and require a little less save-spamming, then I think full-blown new features can be explored. In the meantime, maybe at least some smaller stuff can get added, like new objects, plants, mobs, and occasionally classes.


Part of the problem with fixing bugs now is actually that the bugfixes may be in sections that will get nuked when new features are added later. So if we do focus on bugfixing, we will actively avoid fixing bugs in areas that we know for sure will be churned on later. The good news is that there are enough stable features that the question is even feasible, unlike, say, this time last year. :wink:


22 ON 22 people are going crazy to know what will be the future of alpha 10


From what I’ve seen, the idle settler issue seems to be one of the bugs with the largest concern in the community. From what the team’s seen, where does this issue lie? Does it fall more into a “general-code, needs-to-get-fixed” bug or one that’ll potentially get overwritten in the near future?