[POLL] Difficult Switcher


i have found a entry in the steam discussions and wanted to know your opinions.

  • Yes I need a difficult switcher
  • Yes but its not important - so perhaps later
  • Nope when i choose my difficultsetting im happy
  • I like gummy bears

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ok after 15mins its a head to head for later and gummy bears :stuck_out_tongue:

30mins later

1x need it
2x gummy bears
3x later

so i will check back later ^^

Most games don’t let you switch difficulty mid game, so it’s not something I expect them to implement. However the huge difficulty gap between normal and hard mode makes me really yearn for it.

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1h later:

5x later
2x need it
2x gummy bears xD
1x not needed

I think it’s set up just fine the way it is. If anything (maybe) a setting in between peaceful and normal, then another in between normal and hard eventually.

I voted gummy bear for president.


The green one is my favorite flavor.


Maybe not a switch built in, but I’d accept a console command.

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for between peaceful and normal there is a mod Easy Mode difficult

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5h later:

7x no need
5x yes but later
4x gummy bears
3x yes and now

I really think it very much depends on how easily could be done and how much it would break.

thats correct :wink: but at first i wanted to know if its wanted before i ask the devs ^^ but at the moment it looks more that only someone wants it but that 40% it doenst need or want ^^

but i will wait until tommorrow :wink:

At this point people wanting it exedes the people not wanting it. Though it has not reached 50%

thats correct xD

40 nope
24 yes
20 yes later
16 gummybears xD

so little info - i have forward it and the answer was:

it's an interesting idea -- we'll look into it

so they will check it and perhaps but only perhaps it will be an option xD

We kinda can already influence the difficult mid-game, using gongs or hoarding many treasures to make it harder later.

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or just have a separate option only set on a new game that says whether you can switch difficulty in-game or not? (like “iron man mode”).

Basically, there are people who wants the flexibility especially when we are exploring game features. There are also people who want it fixed because it becomes a hardened challenge (ability to change the difficulty will likely burn up the challenge spirit in some people). Personally, I find myself in both situations in different games. I play “casual” games as well as “challenge” games.

So why not a one-time switch when game starts?