Plushie Toy Rabbit Not related to stockpile

The Plushie Toy Rabbit item, acquired via traveling merchant is not moved to stockpile.

Old topic but as the bug is still here, let’s bump it. So this item seems to not have any type right now. it will be dropped in an “all” stockpile anyway. Could be a decoration…

Edit: same goes for the Fire pit .

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Stockpile categories are actually filters. They only let through items that have certain tags on them. For instance, if you only tagged “decoration”, then only items tagged with “decoration” will be allowed through.

The problem here is that Plushie Toy Rabbit is only tagged with “toy crafted”, so there is no filter that includes it yet. Similarly, the firepit is only tagged “light”.

I can’t remember who in Team Radiant was taking care of these things. Maybe @SteveAdamo or @8BitCrab remember…


i’ve never really known who does what for TR :laughing:

i’ll page @sdee and @yshan as they seem like the ones who might be doing this kinda thing.


needed option - other

I’ve been having issues with my workers falling asleep and dying after being unable to empty their backpacks. I’ve been tracking what is in their packs when this happens and the majority of the time it’s plushie rabbits and firepits. Neither can be placed or stored after they are picked up.

I’ve been doing everything I can to avoid picking up or looting either one and I haven’t had an issue with dead workers since. Not a good solution but saves losing workers all the time lol

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They can be stored in a brand new stockpile (don’t touch the filters) and once there the best is to place them somewhere or to destruct them if not needed

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I couldn’t get them to place it in any stockpile ( I may be waiting too long or doing something else to bugger it up). I tried placing a small stockpile where the goblin encampment was so I could dump directly into it. I’ll give it a shot tonight when I get home and see if I can figure out what I’m doing wrong

not sure if there is one person designated to “tagging”… would be a cush job though … :smile:

I’m sure @sdee can lend some insight, however …


A correction following the hidden feature by @yshan here: Storage all/none inverted by default

If you use such setting then no way the heartlings will drop the plushie rabbit toy neither the fire pit… too bad! :disappointed_relieved: