Please help with errors with mods

having many small and annoying issues. ive posted 2 errors but im also having an error with a mod called ‘auto harvest’.
would love some help. thanks…talk slow for me or give step by step instructions where possible :wink:

1st error:
release-947 (x64)[M]
c++ exception: lua runtime error
stack traceback:

2nd error:
release-947 (x64)[M]
stonehearth_ace/components/vine/vine_component.lua:197: attempt to call method ‘bind’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘bind’
stonehearth_ace/components/vine/vine_component.lua:197: in function ‘_start’
stonehearth_ace/components/vine/vine_component.lua:136: in function <stonehearth_ace/components/vine/vine_component.lua:127>

That vine error should be fixed in the next hotfix of ACE which will hopefully be released later tonight.

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