Placing ladder on side of world crashes game

Earlier, I tried to place a ladder on the edge of the world. This caused the workers to stop moving, but the camera could still be moved.

Expected result: not being allowed to place the ladder there

Actual result: workers freeze and game crashes

There were no error messages.

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i know this may sound silly, but can you post a screenshot of what you were trying to do? i’m having a hard time visualizing…

Like this:

There’s a piece of ladder in the centre of the screen, which I just placed by clicking on the edge of the world.

oh… awesome! weird… but awesome! :smile:

so you had nothing selected (you just clicked on the edge), or you had the ladder tool selected first? either way, afterwards the game completely froze?

edit: sorry, just reread, and it sounds like you had the tool selected fist (which makes more sense)… just wanted to clarify…

Will there be a time when we won’t see the edge of the world?
Because in that case, we won’t be able to place ladders there. Anyway, this behaviour was a bit predictable, wasn’t it? :sweat_smile: Except for the lack of error message, but that’s not that strange, it’s terrain after all.


yes, eventually… looks askance at @Albert

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just out of curiosity, why were you attempting this?


To see what happens when you do it (I don’t know what I thought would happen)


Well @sir_ghost, I for one praise your intrepid exploration of ladders!

Ladders don’t appear to be build-able top > down so starting slightly up an incline would result in some problems getting down on to the flats from what I’ve experienced. Villagers just ignored the placement.

I found a slightly similar bug in Alpha 10 the other day. I don’t think it’s different enough to deserve a new topic.

Steps to reproduce

  • Enter the building editor
  • Select the slab tool (or the floor tool)
  • Go to the edge of the world
  • Start a slab just next to the edge
  • Drag the mouse over the edge so that you create a slab / floor hanging over the edge of the world

Expected result
Dragging out a slab over the edge is not allowed

Actual result
It is allowed, but as soon as you let go of the mouse, the game freezes* (without an error popup)

*everything stops moving, but the camera can still be panned around