Placing items causes double to place (only able to see one)

ever since moving to alpha 18, whenever i place items, it places double. if i only have 1 thing, it works fine, but if i make 10+ items (dining tables for example), and place 1, it double counts it. if i remove it afterwards, it only sends 1 back to inventory. Placing the “same” one, double counts again, so i lose 1 extra each time. Inventory screen shows the correct number i have built (if i don’t sell extras), and SOMETIMES i can sell the extras that aren’t available to place.

Steps to reproduce:
.1)Make new game

  1. I have been working through building in mountains, and it doesn’t seem to happen in templates.
  2. dig out fun areas
  3. make foundation inside mountain
  4. place tables and chairs
  5. lose half of what i made (still counts as inventory slots)
  6. when sending back to inventory, only one appears in inventory

Expected Results:

  1. placing a single table or chair, number in inventory to place iterates down by 1.
  2. (after double items are supposedly placed) when clicking on placed item(s), and and selecting return to inventory, should go up by 2 (if two indeed are placed).
    Actual Results:
  3. placing a single table or chair on new finished foundation, number in inventory to place iterates down by 2.
  4. when clicking on placed (double) item(s), sending back to inventory only goes up by 1, effectively making it disappear. Still shows when selling (sometimes)
    Was unable to find another bug report like this one.

Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods
both the first alpha 18 and current (3092) alpha 18.
System Information:
i7 4790k
16gb ram
GeForce GTX 970
windows 10, all drivers and patches up to date.


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