Placing Fences - Drag-Function would be appreciated

Right now, when you want to place fences, you have to do it one by one. How a a drag-function, so that you can choose the fence, press and hold down the left mouse button, drag the fence in the direction you want and then it places all the necessary ghost-items so that your hearthlings know they need to place the fences? Would make life much easier. :slight_smile:


This was suggested by the devs themselves ages ago :smile:
Still have to figure a good way to implement it, and I guess UI related work. :slight_smile:


Yeah I thought so that this was suggested already, but I couldnt find anything. :smiley:

It’s a really important feature, since in Stonehearth it’s all about building and therefore it must be as comfortable as possible. ^^


Without knowing too much about Lua (but being fairly well versed in C#…of all things), I would think it be very similar to how other placement functions work it could be nothing more than how a floor is placed, but restricting it to only one “column” for the length the user clicks and drags…but hey, I could be well off base with the complexity of how something like that would get implemented.