Placement of wall gargoyle replaced by a chair

I had a trader come by, giving me two wall gargoyles for some corn i think. i went straight away to place them on a cliffside, before any heartlings picked them up and placed them in storage.
One of them was placed correctly, the other one was replaced by a chair… see picture.

Another thing i have experienced, is moving filled crates, gets replaced with new empty crates from the stockpile, and the original that was intended to be moved stays at the old location.

here is a link to the savefile. i hope i did it so it can be downloaded, otherwise let me know.

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That really is strange… and highly impractical, unless they plan on jumping from the little ledge to the left of the chair.

this is definitely a strange, if not hilarious, bug… i can’t seem to get it to repro though, could you perhaps provide a save file?

yes i have the savefile. is it just a link to googledrive for example i put up here?

a link to google drive download will work :smile:

i’ll also page… err… how about @yshan and @linda

post updated with link.

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Best. Bug. Ever :smile:

it might be my carpenter, that is trying out new ways of displaying the fine craftmansship to potentional customers… :slight_smile:

Yep, pre-poster advertising :wink:

Now you just need to put a pot below for the dunk tank. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very odd bug…