Pic Suggestion : Chicken System

Hello Hello.
This time, I drawing & talking about my idea.
Chicken System!

Yeah, this system started with wild chicken & trapper.
User can choice two options, gets completely different resources.

When user choose ‘Harvest’, get a feather and chicken meat.
A feather use for make arrow & a chicken meat can give more happy to people. :smiley:

Well…another option, Make Friend(Pet) can help to starting build poultry farm.

When grow up chickens, you can get a egg each time.
The egg is divided two type, without romance & with romance. (70% : 30%)

You can only cook fry egg by Egg without romance.
Case Egg with romance? Growing up to the chicken! (but if you need food, you can choice cook… :wink:)

Thanks to read my idea, chicken system.


And the best described idea award goes toooooo . . . @Goldmetal!!! :smiley:

Loving the idea!
Even if I hated the idea I’m pretty sure I’d love the idea just because of the amazing artwork. :blush: [quote=“Goldmetal, post:1, topic:5560”]
You can only cook fry egg by Egg without romance.Case Egg with romance? Growing up to the chicken! (but if you need food, you can choice cook… )
I like this, it fits well with the idea of Stonehearth and choices. In a pinch it gives you that moral challenge weather or not to sacrifice the baby chicken for food or hope your civs don’t die.

Or you can just be evil and eat all the baby chickens! :see_no_evil:

@sdee I demand this be implemented just based on the amazing artwork. (And by demand I mean in the most polite way :sweat_smile:)

Also I have just found your new concept artist :wink:


fantastic. :smile: it could be awesome if later on the animal trainer could breed the chicken into different species. also fantastic artwork :blush:

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I’m really torn between hating and loving this thread. It’s presenting an idea (or rather, a concept even) in a simple to understand, clean and visually appealing manner.

It’s also exceeding my artistic skills by far, which is where all the hate comes from. I’m extremely jealous.

If you excuse me, I’ll go back to my coding cave to work on the kitchen… after that I’ll have to deal with the urge to create a simple chicken in Stonehearth…


awww… i can only click the “like” button once? :cry:

thats makes two of us brother…

@Goldmetal… not only are your artistic skills top notch, but your suggestion, and the associated presentation are brilliant… you won me over immediately! :+1:


This is now Team Radiant’s favorite thread on the internet.


You @Goldmetal are now my favourite artist on this forum.

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Fixed a typo in there for you. :wink:

I’d have to concur with that statement, one of my favorites as well.



I know, I’m sorry, I saw the opportunity and I just went for it, I’ll try to control myself in the future.

@Goldmetal it’s official, you’re awesome.

In fact, I think that’s your title.


I have no idea what your talking about. . .



nor do i… he does tend to get a bit loopy though when flexing his forum powers, changing titles and whatnot…

he’s mad with power!


I wish I had a title…You think I would get Forum Dog or something by now :cry:

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You can be one of my best interregional transport container holders if you want to. All wizards have those, I’ve heard. Lots of them. They basically swim in them, they say…

If I remember correctly there were those dogs with little barrels around their neck, so that’s not even something I made up!


That was to give to people in avalanches to keep them warm…That was my uncle Bernard’s job


Don’t feel bad. @SteveAdamo promised me one like 3 months ago and I still don’t have one… .:frowning:

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    he’s mad with power!
    I think he sings this in the shower. . .

Can there be add-ons, like feeding the chicken extra food = healthier chickens, better eggs, stronger chicks, but would decrease seeds or something?

Yeah, I’m big on farming! (Art work is beautiful as always, and now I shall retreat in my den and scrawl on paper… :cry:)

Also, pic suggestions are awesome, and makes it more engaging!


I surprise to get a title for less time.
Thanks to give a awesome Title! :smiley:


Amazing concept and amazing art! Bravo @Goldmetal !

You should cherish that. Few have one.

i feel so bad for you. maybe after i become a great game dev. and have a forum, you can come there and i’ll get your “Forum Dog” title